How to Set Up Spinning Reel

How to Set Up Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are simple, easy to use and are great for casting lightweight baits or lures. Now, you have decided to go fishing and you have sourced everything you need. Chosen the best spinning reels of your choice. However, you realized you have no or little idea how to put your reel together. Have an fear, here is a guide for you. Although, it might be difficult at the start, but it is truly straightforward and a step by step process.

Equipment Which You Need

1. The Spinning Reel

  • The Reel Foot
  • The Handle
  • The Line Roller
  • The Spool
  • The Drag Knob
  • The Bail Arm

2. The Spinning Rod

  • The Handle
  • The Rod Stem
  • The Guide Eyes
  • The Reel Seat

3. Fishing Line

4. Bait

Step By Step On How To Set Up a Spinning Reel

Connect the reel to the rod

  • There is a reel seat just above the handle of your spinning rod. Loosen this reel seat
  • Make the reels seat big enough for the reel foot to fit in, then, place the reel foot in the reel seat on your rod. Make sure that it is tucked in nicely and the length of the reel foot is flush with your rod.
  • Now, you screw the cap back down so that the groove open and fastens the top end of the reel foot.
  • Place the spinning reels to fishing rods properly. Then make sure it is properly fit and tight.
  • Spool the Reel 

  • Here, you pass the line through the reel and use an arbor knot to tighten it to the spool.
  • Then, holding the line in your left hand, reel the line in slowly round the spool, and ensure that the line spools on evenly and that it does not twist.
  • When you see that the amount of line on your spool is satisfying,  pull another couple of line.  This will be along the length of your rod, so that it passes the length of your rod by about a foot. And you cut the line.
  • You will now take the end of the line and pass it through the line roller and up.
  • The Rod

  • Take the line end which you just pass through the line roller and pull it up the length of your rod.
  • Make sure you pass the end of the line through each guide eye.
  • Now, as you pass the line through the last guide eye at the tip of your rod. You should have at least a foot of line left off the end of the spinning rod.
  • Tie the Knot 

  • With your thumb and pointer finger holding the line, place it through the eye of the hook. This will create one piece of line at every side of the hook.
  • Now, hold each piece in two different hands and cross one piece over to the other hand
  • Holding the line, you should have both pieces of line in one hand. Then, there will be a loose loop around your pointer finger. Also, there should be a piece of line hanging from your pointer finger and thumb
  • Now, place the piece of line that is hanging through the loop. The circle should stay undamaged as you remove your pointer finger.
  • You can now pull both ends of the line to tighten the knot
  • Cut the unused line ends about a 1/4" away from the eye of the hook
  • Set the Drag Knob

  • The drag knob is turned clockwise to fasten or counterclockwise to release it
  • Pull the line from your reel manually, to know if the desired drag has been accomplished
  • You can Repeat these steps until you get your desired drag amount. Getting the desired drag takes experience to determine, so you can get the help of an expert if possible.
  • Note

    If the drag is too loose, the fish can easily take line out of the reel, and the hook will not have enough tension in the fish's mouth. Again, if it is too tight, the rod will bend a lot, but the fish will not take out any line, and the line will have too much tension in it, causing it to break.

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