how to tie a crankbait

How to Tie a Crankbait

How to tie a crankbait? Crankbaits can be one of the most successful traps you can employ to increase the success rate while fishing.  While many anglers, mostly the beginners don’t realize the correct way to tie the crankbait, they end up missing their catch than do what they expect.

In this piece of work, we are going to take you through some tips, and ways to tie the crankbait in the right way.

Ok, let us start.

3 Basic Tips for Tying Fishing Crankbaits

The ideal bunch can be linked to some basic but significant clues.

Use the right fishing line

What I mean is, do not just go out and buy the cheapest line you can discover. Make sure you have the right string weight. If you use an ultra-light mast, you should not buy a 12-pound cord. Stay with a line of lesser weight between £ 2 – £ 4. The pulls you will use with this bar are much smaller and a larger line spacing does not effectively make this line around the Pioneer, Eyelet or Whirl.

Use the correct estimated draw for the bar you are using

The right estimated draw for the bar you are using is an absolute necessity. If you like bass fishing, with a 7 ‘overwhelming activity bar, you do not need a 1 / 8oz Lipless key.

Change your fishing line every year

Change your line every year. This will protect you from developing memory in the fishing line, and it will not be so easy to roll off or more regrettable if you bring a bird with a fishing line home. So spend the money and do not believe that the line you used several times a year ago is the same as the day it was purchased.

Step by step guide on how to tie a crankbait

  1. Unpack your crankbait
  2. Hold it properly and then feed the  primary feeder
  3. After inserting the primary feeder, then turn the fishing line to form the loop
  4. Then crop the end of the fishing line and you will have fished the process.

When should you use the crankbait?

When water is colored

The best condition to use a crank lure is in the colored water. Crankbaits do not work very well in surprisingly sloppy or exceptionally clear water. Tinted water is characterized by the ability to see whitebait from a depth of 2 to 4 feet. If you are more than 1 to 2 meters noticeable, the water is too clear for a crankbait. On the other hand, the water is overly sloppy if you can see less than one foot. Two to four feet of perceptibility is perfect for a crank lure.

When the flow of water is not smooth

Water Wave also plays a role in the adequacy of a crankbait. A stormy day with some water splitting is perfect for crank lures. Water with high solar radiation is not the best condition for fishing. But under these conditions, you can catch fish with a crankbait.

The water temperature is also important. Keep it at least 50 degrees Celsius before using a crankcase. When the water is cold, there are much stronger baits than a crank lure.

You can use a crank lure in many similar circumstances, with the vast majority throwing a spinnerbait. One of the main reasons why a crankbait is so powerful is that the vast majority does not throw it and Bass is not used to seeing it. Everyone casts a spinnerbait and the bass sees a ton of them. Throw a crank and the bass sees something they have not seen often before. I also use crank lures to determine the disposition of the bass. If you’re not gnawing on a crank lure, I can use something like dance or delicate plastic with a slower introduction.

How to use your tied crankbait properly

In order to make progress with a crankbait, it must be ensured that it repels objects or structures. The biggest slip I see is the throwing of a crankcase into untamed water. This will not be beneficial. It does not have to wobble anymore, no more from the trees, no more from the brush, no longer around the boat moorings or just jump off the base. A crankbait digging the base looks very similar to a lobster. Even a bass wants to eat lobster!


Crankbaits can be extremely profitable and should be a piece of each fisherman’s ammunition supply. With the Crankbaits such as RUNCL, you can increase the success rate. If you were finding it hard to tie the crankbait, then my article has shaded some light. So, just do it and you will be satisfied with the result. Thank me later.

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