how to use different fishing lures

How to Use Different Fishing Lures

How to use different fishing lures? If you have catch fish with fishing lure before, you will agree with me that fishing lure is the best alternative to live to the bait. And for those who have not or are not familiar with a fishing lure, a fishing lure is an artificial fishing bait which is used to attract fish. It exists in different types of colors, shapes, and styles, and these designs are specific for a range of fish species.

So for you to be able to fish everywhere without the restriction of the type or size of the fish, that’s why I will be teaching us on how to use different fishing lures in this article. After reading this, you won’t have any limitation in fishing again. I will like to reveal to you some of the advantages of using fishing lures.

Advantages of using fishing lures

  • It’s easy to change out fishing lures
  • Fishing lures are not as messy as bait
  • It’s easier and more efficient to target specific species of fish when using fishing lures
  • Fishing lures are very good for catch and release because it’s rare for the fish to gulp the whole hook.
  • You will be able to cast further when using fishing lure
  • So after knowing the advantages of fishing lures, let now go straight to talk about different fishing lures and how to use them.


This is a fishing lure which is known to be one of the most common types of fishing lure. It has a hook on one side and a weighted head on the other side. It also has either plastic grub or a feather skirt, and because of its weight, it sinks easily. So to take advantage of this weight when using, just cast it out and allow it to sink to the bottom itself.

If the line goes slack after casting, it’s a good sign that the jig has sunk. If you notice this, lift up your rod slightly and then lower it again to retrieve the line. Try with several speeds and movements to get the best movement. To avoid a strike, always keep an eye on the line.


Spoons are curved metal lures. Some are meant to be trolled, some to be jigged and others to be cast. If you are not familiar with fishing before, it is advisable to use the most common type which is casting spoon. Casting spoons are not difficult to use. All you need to do is just to cast and retrieve. If you like, you can do it at a different speed since it is wobbling. If after trying at different speed you notice that the spoon has started spinning, let your retrieve be slow down. For better action, add to the eye of the lure a split ring.


It has an awkward look with a safety-pin attached like a wire to the body head made with lead. Fishing with a spinnerbait is called “Chuck-N-Wind”, just cast it out and retrieve at a speed that is moderate and don’t allow the lure to go deeper than the depth between five feet and the surface. It is very effective and that is why it is a common technique.


It is also known as crankbaits. They are made with hard plastic with color and shape that resembles baitfish or other pray. Most of them float or suspend in water, but dive immediately when it is retrieved. It has a behavior that resembles live bait fish when it moves in a series of reel-and-stop manner. Make sure you always change reeling speed and twitching intervals for variety.


These are fishing lures which are always used traditionally with fly fishing equipment which will also cast flies when a clear bubble float is added. Some of them are designed to float while some are designed to sink. So based on the type of fish you want to catch, you will use dry flies when the fish are close to the surface, you will use wet flies when the fish are deep down the water.


Now that you know how to use different fishing lures, it will be easier for you to get your own collection and start fishing with lures as soon as possible. Note that when buying, buy one after the other and take your time to learn how to fish them perfectly.

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