how fishing net works

How Fishing Net Works

For commercial fishing, the use of a fishing net is very important. Fishing nets are responsible for the largest share of fish catches, and they are used in a vast variety of structures and designs, depending on the species of fish being targeted. Here we will see how some fishing nets work. How Fishing Net …

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how to hook a fish

How to Hook a Fish

How to hook a fish? Hooking a fish is sometimes technical, and it requires a good skill so as not to lose the fish. There are many fishing rod movements like jigging or twitching, to be learned if you want to catch fish because when it’s crunch-time you’ll lose fish if you can’t properly hook …

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how to tie a crankbait

How to Tie a Crankbait

How to tie a crankbait? Crankbaits can be one of the most successful traps you can employ to increase the success rate while fishing.  While many anglers, mostly the beginners don’t realize the correct way to tie the crankbait, they end up missing their catch than do what they expect. In this piece of work, …

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