Best Baitcatsing Reels under 100

Best Baitcasting Reel Under 100

Choosing the right type of fishing reel is critical to the kind of fishing you are aiming for, and this task can be daunting at times as there are numerous options available in the market. If you are a professional angler and aspire to catch bigger and stronger fish, the best option for you is to choose a baitcasting reel that will give you longer casting distance and can handle a heavier fishing line in comparison to spinning reels. The good news is that some of the best baitcasting reels in the market cost less than 100 dollars. To help you in your buying journey, read the below baitcasting reels review on 9 of the best baitcasting reel under 100. Features of top fishing reels from KastKing, Piscifun, and Abu Garcia have been summarized in this article. We hope you will surely find one that will fit your fishing need.

Comparison of 9 Best Baitcasting Reels Under 100


Product Name




KastKing Royale Legend High Speed Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel


7.4 oz

KastKing Speed Demon 9.3:1 Baitcasting Reel,Right Handed Reel


8.3 oz

Piscifun Torrent Left Handed 7.1:1 Baitcasting Reel 18LB Carbon Fiber Drag Low Profile Baitcaster Fishing Reel Tournament Baitcast Reels

0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 inches

8.0 oz

Abu Garcia PMAX3 Pro Max Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel

8.2 x 6 x 2 inches

10.6 oz

Abu Garcia 1365366 Black Max Low Profile Reel, 6.4: 1 Gear Ratio, 5 Bearings, 26" Retrieve Rate, 18Lb Max Drag, RH, Boxed

7 x 5 x 3 inches

8.8 oz

Abu Garcia 6500 Ambassadeur S Round Baitcast Fishing Reel

6.2 x 4.8 x 3 inches

10.4 oz

Piscifun Phantom Carbon Baitcasting Reel - Only 5.7oz, Our Lightest Baitcaster, 17LB Carbon Fiber Drag, 7.0:1 Gear Ratio, Dual Brakes Baitcast Fishing Reels, Incredible Cast Distance (Left Handed)


5.7 oz

KastKing Spartacus Baitcasting Fishing Reel,Seafoam Green,Right Handed Reel


10.4 oz

KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel, Left Handed Fishing Reel,Rover60

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9 Best Baitcasting Reel Under 100 Reviews

KastKing Royale Legend High Speed Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

1. KastKing Royale Legend – The Baitcasting Reel For The Money

KastKing Royale Legend low profile baitcasting reel is one of the most affordable solutions for everyday fishers and is one of the top picks for our baitcasting reel reviews. This baitcaster comes with great features that are mostly found in most expensive fishing reels.

KastKing Royale Legend has a dual braking system with both centrifugal and magnetic brake. This feature provides super casting control and helps to remove backlashes. Whether you are a novice or an experienced baitcaster, the smooth performance of the brake will offer you uncompromised casting control, making KastKing Royale Legend one of the top considerations while looking for best baitcasting reel for beginners.

Besides, this fishing reel has 17.6 pounds of drag system made of brass gear and is super silent with its high speed of 7.0:1 line retrieve. Since KastKing baitcasting reels come with a power disc drag system, they offer exceptionally smooth and robust drag meaning that you do not have to battle with the drag of your fishing reels.

Additionally, the baitcasting reel includes non-slip Eva grips and a stainless-steel main shaft giving anglers comfort during casting. This baitcasting reel is made from high-quality carbon fiber and graphite, which makes the reel very durable and lightweight. You will be amazed to know that the reel weight is only 7.7 ounces making it suitable for anglers to fish for an extended time without experiencing fatigue. Its fantastic design is simply made keeping the comfort of the anglers in mind.

Although KastKing Royale is considered to be a freshwater fishing reel, the reel’s corrosion-resistant feature makes it suitable for use in saltwater as well with adequate maintenance. Combining with proper baitcasting rods, KastKing Royale Legend would be an ideal baitcaster for you to go on ice fishing, bass fishing, and many others. 


  • Has double braking system
  • It has excellent stopping power
  • Can be used for both fresh and salt water fishing
  • Has corrosion resistant ball bearings that provides durability
  • High performing baitcasting reel available for the money and suitable for beginners


  • Does not have a bait click
  • Does not have flipping switch

2. KastKing Speed Demon- World’s Fastest Baitcaster

KastKing Speed Demon 9.3:1 Baitcasting Reel,Right Handed Reel

The second pick in our baitcasting reel review is the KastKing Speed Demon. You have probably heard of KastKing reel before, but perhaps you never knew anyone who had personally used it, hence making you reluctant to give it a try. I have had the opportunity to test the KastKing Speed Demon and can vouch that it is the world’s fastest baitcasting reel available in the market. Composed of carbon fiber, the reel weight is only 6.5 ounces making it comfortable for anglers to fish an extended hour.

With a 9.3: 1 gear ratio and precision-matched bass gears, KastKing Speed Demon is one of the fastest low profile baitcasting reels. It is difficult to get this kind of gear ratio in the market today under 100 dollars. With its blazing speed, this baitcasting reel will allow you to retrieve faster, giving you better casts and ultimately allowing you to catch more fish.

KastKing Speed Demon comes with a magnetic brake system that gives super control to the anglers while fishing. It has about 9 adjustable magnets for any situation you are in or any lure you are fishing at that time. The brake system and CNC machined aluminum spool eliminate backlashes and the brake overruns when properly aligned.

Furthermore, the shielded 12 stainless steel ball bearings allow for smooth operation while retrieving and casting. If you are aiming for the big game fish, KastKing Speed Demon should be one of the top fishing reels to choose from. The 3 disc carbon fiber drag system will give you 13.2lbs of drag power, ideal for bringing in the gigantic fish.

The features of the KastKing Speed Demon baitcasting reel makes it suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing. Though priced under 100 dollars, this fishing reel proves to be one of the best baitcasters for the money. While being a budget baitcaster, KastKing Speed Demon will not disappoint you on the quality.


  • The reel is light weighted
  • Has fast casting speed
  • CNC Machined Aluminum Spool that eliminates backlashes
  • Dual Shielded stainless steel ball bearings enable a stable retrieve
  • The split main shaft allows longer casting distance
  • Comes in both right and left-handed retrieve


  • Backlash if the brake system is not properly adjusted

3. Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel

Piscifun Torrent Left Handed 7.1:1 Baitcasting Reel 18LB Carbon Fiber Drag Low Profile Baitcaster Fishing Reel Tournament Baitcast Reels

Piscifun is among the latest manufacturing companies these days that are devoted to providing high-quality fishing gear at reasonable prices in the global market. The company's motto, "Go with the family," is a deliberate way to make sure all of its customers can purchase their products for every member of their family without spending too much. So if you are out looking for the best baitcasting reel for the money without having to compromise on the quality, then Piscifun Torrent can be one of your top picks. Piscifun Torrent low profile baitcasting reel is made of high-quality carbon, making it very durable and also light weighted.

The baitcaster’s 18LB carbon fiber drag and high strength brass drive gear will enable you to catch the big game fish you are out for. Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel comes with 7.1:1 gear ratio which will offer you fast and powerful retrieve during your fishing expedition. Additionally, the shielded ball bearings that come with the reel protect the gears, making the reel corrosion resistant. This feature makes the reel one of the best saltwater baitcasting reels available in the market.

This fishing reel comes with a high-density EVA split grips made to provide comfort during your fishing experiences. Above all, Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel comes with an anti-line twist for smooth performance and longer casting distance.

This fishing reel is designed and reinforced with stainless steel springs and screws and Japanese Hamai precision-cut gears. This combination not only guarantees strength but also gives you reliable and noise-free operation. Additionally, this is an easy maintenance reel. To increase the durability of the fishing reel, you have to oil the reel through the drilled hole present in the side plate. Whether you are a beginner or a professional angler, you can easily apply this simple maintenance technique.

Moreover, you will be happy to know that Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel is backed by a limited lifetime warranty giving you the peace of mind for the material of the reel. Although having all the features of good baitcasters, Piscifun Torrent is price to be within the affordable range of angler’s budget.


  • High speed with 7.1:1 gear ratio
  • Can withstand corrosion
  • Can be easily cleaned and maintained
  • It comes with a left-handed and right-handed variation
  • Dual-line winding shafts are genuinely stable and work very well
  • Noise-free equipment
  • Lightweight and beginners friendly
  • Well balanced, strong, and sensitive
  • Each feature works perfectly when in-tune


  • Equipping the reel with a heavy fishing rod should be avoided

4. Abu Garcia Pro Max- Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia PMAX3 Pro Max Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel

If you are in the market for a reel known for its strength and sensitivity, then Abu Garcia Pro Max may be the one for you. This low-profile baitcatsing reel is designed to provide fishermen with durability so that it can withstand the rigors of hardcore fishing. Abu Garcia Pro Max offers extraordinary speed with a 7.1:1 gear ratio.

It’s MagTrax braking system exerts equal pressure which allows anglers to improve their casting accuracy and range. As the brake adjustment is situated externally on the opposite site plate, anglers can make quick adjustments while casting.

When they made this fishing reel, they focused on weight reduction and balance. The baitcasting reel is made from high-quality materials that increase sensitivity and makes it lightweight while being strong. The reel weight is only 10.6 ounces that will comfortably sit on the fishing rod and automatically fit in your palm.

Any professional fisherman will appreciate the precise engineering and smooth drag system that comes with this reel. With power disc drag system, the Pro Max offers smooth drag performance and 18lbs of max drag power that you need to tame hard-fighting fish. Moreover, the reel features stainless steel bearings with one roller bearing that provide smooth operation. This makes Abu Garcia a known name for offering professional performance.

Furthermore, for comfortable use, this reel comes with compact EVA handles that give it a more ergonomic design. The machined double anodized aluminum spool also helps in cutting down the extra weight.

Best part of this baitcasting reel is that you don't have to break the bank to enjoy these benefits because Abu Garcia Pro Max is one of the best baitcasting reels for the money. 


  • Machined double anodized aluminum spool
  • Duragear brass gear
  • MagTrax brake system
  • Comfortable EVA handles
  • The fishing reel is durable
  • The fishing reel has strong drag system


  • A bit noisy during casting and retrieving
  • 5. Abu Garcia Black Max- Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

    Abu Garcia BMAX3-L Black Max Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel, Left Hand

    If you are looking for a new baitcaster reel, you certainly know the famous name of Abu Garcia. For decades they have been producing some of the best fishing reels in the market. Abu Garcia Black Max is a fishing reel for the money that works exceptionally well.

    Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Reel comes with a gear ratio of 6.4:1 ensuring fast retrieve during your fishing expedition. The graphite construction of Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Baitcasting reel promises both longevity and reduced reel weight making the reel durable and light weighted. This baitcasting reel is designed to ensure anglers both comfort and control over their fishing activity. The machined aluminium spool give strength to the reel while the bent handle improves efficiency and provides comfort during retrieves. The recessed reel foot gives the controlled grip that fishers look for in a good baitcasting reel.

    The reel also comes with four stainless steel bearings plus one roller bearing that offers a smooth drag performance and makes it corrosion resistant; suitable for saltwater fishing. The alignment of the ball bearings is perfect to ensure smooth operation during your retrieve. To combine both sturdiness and smoothness, the fishing reel features a power disc drag system with the right drag power required to tame the hard-fighting fishes. In integration of the reliable MagTrax brake system and a max drag of 18LBs, you can reel in the hard-pulling fishes with ease. Considering all the features offered by Abu Garcia Black Max Baitcasting Reel it can definitely be one of your top picks if you are looking for a great reel for the money.


    •Lightweight fishing reel
    •Has machined aluminum spool that provides extra strength
    •Stainless steel bearing guarantees smooth performance
    •Power disk drag system ensures smooth drag performance
    •Made with agronomic design keeping fishers’ comfort in mind
    •Great economic fishing reel for the money with excellent features


    •Sometimes noisy

    6. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur S Round Baitcast Fishing Reel

    Abu Garcia 6500 Ambassadeur S Round Baitcast Fishing Reel

    This is an innovative low profile reel from Abu García that combines excellent durability with superior performance at an affordable price. It is the ideal reel for fishermen on a budget who need a baitcaster reel that can withstand all fishing conditions, be it freshwater or saltwater.

    The baitcasting reel is comprised of 2 stainless steel ball bearings which are engineered to provide fishers with smooth operation during casting and retrieving. The stainless steel bearings are protected, and the spool bearings and roller are corrosion- resistant. This makes the reel suitable for use in saltwater with proper cleaning after use

    Anglers can enjoy smooth drag performance because of the multi-disc drag system that comes with this fishing reel. The 12.5 pounds of drag pressure is consistent throughout the drag range which improves the casting accuracy and range. Besides, to ensure anglers’ comfort when fishing for longer hours, Abu Garcia Ambassadeur is designed with an agronomical compact bent handle.

    The 4-pin centrifugal brake system provides constant brake pressure all through the cast and the corresponding level wind system improves castability.

    If you are a Pike fisherman who loves the traditional baitcaster reel style or somebody who has had success with Abu Garcia reels before, then you are most likely to be happy with Abu Garcia Ambassadeur that comes with 5.3:1 gear ratio. This feature provides enough force to easily wind the reel. Moreover, due to its simple designs, this round baitcasting reel is easier to clean and maintain.


    •Available in both right and left-handed retrieve
    •Comes with a bait clicker
    •Very easy to cast and incredibly smooth operation and quiet retrieve.
    •Beginner friendly, as it slows the spool down while casting and helps in preventing backlashes.
    •Compact bent handle and star offer a more ergonomic design


    •The gear requires lubrication before use.
    •The internal drive gear is plastic made which might look cheap

    7. Piscifun Phantom Carbon- The Lightest Baitcaster

    Piscifun Phantom Carbon Baitcasting Reel - Only 5.7oz, Our Lightest Baitcaster, 17LB Carbon Fiber Drag, 7.0:1 Gear Ratio, Dual Brakes Baitcast Fishing Reels, Incredible Cast Distance (Right Handed)

    If you are one of those anglers who enjoys being out on the water for hours while swinging their baitcaster all over the fishing area, then Piscifun Phantom Carbon Baitcaster is the right choice for you. Apart from being the lightest baitcaster available in the market, the Phantom Carbon offers great features which are usually hard to find in baitcasting reel under 100.

    You will be amazed to know that the Phantom Carbon has a reel weight of 5.7 ounces only! The frame, handles, side plates and drag washers of this baitcaster are made of carbon fiber which greatly reduces the reel weight while uncompromising on the reel’s strength and durability. Piscifun Phantom Carbon also comes with a low profile design to give anglers comfort during long fishing adventures.

    This fishing reel guarantees high performance to its users. The Phantom features a gear ratio of 7.0:1, meaning that this reel can cast long distances smoothly and accurately. The 6 corrosion-resistant stainless steel ball bearings and one clutch bearing are all shielded to ensure durability of the fishing reel. Moreover, the CNC hallow spool that comes with this fishing reel also starts and accelerates faster and can handle lines and gear better than ordinary baitcasters. This makes the reel perfect for other bass fishing strategies as well.

    Another great feature you will find impressive is the dual brake system which is designed to allow fishermen to adjust the reel for better casting performance easily. Phantom carbon also ensures incredible power with a max drag of 17LBs. The hard anodized gear combined with 4 disc carbon fiber drag washer gives all the required stopping power to reel in the hard fighting fishes.

    Additionally, to improve performance and reduce friction between fishing line, the line guide is made oversized and placed at a distant from the spool. Given all the features, Piscifun Phantom Carbon is one of the top choice for baitcasting reel under 100.


    •Very light in weight
    •Super smooth cast and retrieve performance
    •Has centrifugal and magnetic brake system to improve casting distance and avoid backlashes
    •Easy to use and adjust


    •Might seem a bit complicated for first time users

    8. KastKing Spartacus- Ultra Smooth Baitcasting Fishing Reels

    KastKing Spartacus Plus Baitcasting Fishing Reel,Rubber Cork Version,Left Handed Reel

    KastKing Spartacus is one famous name in the fishing industry when it comes to fishing tackles. And this fishing reel is one of the best bass reels available in the market.

    Just like its gladiator name, this baitcasting reel is a warrior in your bass fishing. It has all the dynamic features you will need when battling that stubborn bass. With the versatility of a 6.3: 1 gear ratio, KastKing Spartacus is an excellent baitcasting tool in your fishing tackle kit that will give you years of fishing pleasure and help you save some money.

    The fishing reel comes with the 17.5lbs carbon fiber drag system that can handle giant fishes. For a smooth experience, the reel features eleven top-quality stainless steel ball bearings which is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. This feature also makes the reel suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing.

    Additionally, Spartacus Baitcasting reel comes with 11 + 1 anti-corrosion ball bearings, instant stop anti-reverse for devastating hook sets and CNC machined aluminum spool for smooth casting. The reel is very powerful. Its unique centrifugal and magnetic dual brake system will offer more control over your cast.

    Considering all the features offered by KastKing Spartacus, the baitcasting reel is surely a fishing reel for the money to add to your fishing tackle collection.


    •Has precision marked, machined brass gears
    •Can be used for trolling and bottom fishing
    •It has excellent versatility and works well with most lures and situations
    •Comfortable to use with its EVA knobs and padded form grips
    •Provides more control
    •It has an excellent centrifugal braking system which prevents backlashes
    •Super smooth casting and retrieval


    •Beginners might find it hard to use without reading the guide
    •Few think the spool should be a bit wider with more line capacity

    9. KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel

    KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel, Left Handed Fishing Reel,Rover60

    KastKing Rover is a round profile baitcasting reel meaning that it will give you more torque or twisting force and is perfect for catching larger game fish. If you are new to the game of pike fishing and looking for a pike reel then perhaps you are asking about the best reel for the job. You may be surprised at the prices of some of the best-selling reel, mainly Baitcasting reel. But the good thing is that as a beginner, you don't need to buy $400- $500 reel for your pike fishing, you can get a good baitcasting reel for the money for less than $100.

    KastKing Rover Round comes with the superior carbon fiber drag system for pike fishermen to hunt big fish. Notwithstanding whether you are casting with BullDawgs or trolling with bucktails, this is the perfect choice for beginners. This reel is very versatile and suitable for all kind of fishing. KastKing Rover is very sturdy. It does not break or damage when subjected to heavyweight.

    This baitcaster is corrosion resistance and promises high quality to guarantee its use in saltwater. The strength of the reel will allow you to catch gigantic fishes. Beginners can easily use this reel after mastering some skills.

    KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel provides all the essential features to win your trophy. Whether you are aiming for the giant deep-sea species or the inshore saltwater fishes, this baitcasting reel is suitable for all. It is truly the highest rated conventional fishing reel for the money.


    •Good for trolling; Good for fishing in heavy current; can be used for deep sea fishing
    •Can hold 300yds of 30lb braid
    •Good for both saltwater and fresh water use
    •Comes with a loud bait clicker
    •Good for Catfishing and can be used for surf fishing
    •Excellent adjustable brake, reel is comparable to top end Ambassaduer reels at less than half the price.


    •Doesn’t have high speed retrieve gear reel ratio
    •It does not come with a power handle in all the model. The power Handles are only on the 70-90 series.
    •Cannot be switched from light to left hand retrieve. L or R needs to be bought separately

    Things to consider when buying the best baitcasting reel under 100

    When it comes to buying fishing gear, choosing the best reel is of great importance. There are many factors to consider when looking for the best baitcasting reel under 100. And don't forget that saltwater can corrode your fishing gear very quickly. Therefore, you need to make sure that the reel you buy can withstand the attack. You should also clean your gear regularly to guarantee its durability. The following are some of the essential factors to consider when purchasing baitcasting reel that will help you make an informed decision.

    Spool Size

    This is a critical factor depending on the kind of fish you are targeting. For example, if you are targeting larger fish, then you need a thicker fishing line, meaning that it will take up more space on the spool. It is advisable to choose a fishing reel with a spool that can carry the size of the line you need. The bigger spool is useful when fishing stiff, heavy lines, while the smaller shallow spool is suitable for short line applications such as pitching and flipping.
    Comfort: This is very important when buying a baitcasting reel. If you purchase an uncomfortable reel, it will affect your effectiveness as a fisherman. Find a fishing reel that provides a comfortable and balanced grip so you can use it with ease.

    Maximum Drag

    The fish weight is related to the reel drag system. This is more of an individual choice. If you are planning to fish places with smaller fish, then you need to choose low reel weight.


    This is a crucial component of every fishing reel. When buying a baitcasting reel, you should ensure you get a one-piece aluminum frame. If you get a reel with a bad frame, you will end up with a poor-quality reel, regardless of how smooth it feels or how many bearings it has.

    Bearings and Materials

    The more bearing your fishing reel has, the smoother will be the casts and retrieve. Therefore, when buying a baitcasting reel, look for quality stainless-steel ball bearings and a reel that is lightweight and made of durable materials such as magnesium, aluminum or carbon composite materials. These materials will give the best performance and durability.

    Brake and Tension System

    It is important to note that tension knob controls the fishing line at the beginning of the cast and brake controls the fishing line at the end of the cast. A sound braking system and tension knob are essential to make a long cast with different lure weights and experience minimal backlashes.

    Gear Ratio

    This explains how often the spool rotates around handle in one rotation. The higher the gear ratio, the more the line handle retrieved. The current gear ratios for the best baitcasting reels are 6.4: 1, 5.3: 1, and 7.1: 1.b. The 6.4: 1 gear ratio is an outstanding choice in every aspect because you can use it with any kind of bait and fishing techniques like worms, jigs, shallow and cranking. Low gear ratios, such as 5.3: 1 and 5.2: 1 are ideal for hard pulls bait such as large swimbaits, deep-diving crankbaits, large swimsuits, and slow-rolling spinnerbaits. If you like a fishing toad or topwater frogs, then a 7.1: 1 Baitcasting Reel is the best reel for you.

    Frequently asked questions - (FAQ

    Baitcasting reels can look complicated to amateur fishermen, and we know you may have a few questions you want to be answered on this topic, which is why we have responded to some frequently asked ones here.

    Why should I choose a baitcasting reel over a spinning reel?

    Baitcasting reels are ideal for fishing medium and large size fish. While spinning reels are to some extent flimsy and also give limited control over the cast, even though they are easy to use.

    What makes a good baitcasting reel?

    Baitcasting reel is considered by many to be one of the best freshwater fishing reels because of the following few reasons:
    1. The thumb pressure can be used to control casting distance
    2. The brakes can be used to control free-spool friction for better cast distance accurately.
    3. The line is spooled in the same direction as the line guides. This reduces friction, reduces line memory, and increases casting distance.

    What gear ratio is recommended for beginners?

    Choose a gear ratio that suits your fishing style. Choose a high gear ratio like 7.1: 1 if you plan to fish topwater frogs. Lower ratios are useful when fishing with heavy spinnerbaits or big swimbaits.

    What does the drag power of a fishing reel mean?

    The drag power of a fishing reel describes how much resistance a hooked fish feels when pulling the rod. This allowed the fishing reel to withstand the pressure of a fighting fish. A better drag power prevents the fishing rod from breaking during the fray. Drag strength is calculated in pounds and manually adjusted for the older reel, whereas for the modern reel, it is much easier to set the drag power. And they usually come with the maximum drag setting.

    How do I take care of the baitcasting reel?

    Taking care of a fishing reel is not a difficult task; it is as simple as rinsing the inside and outside of the reel with clean water and allows it to dry. For a better result, do this regularly, immediately you return from a fishing trip. Also, after it dried, you can lubricate the reachable parts using light oil. It is important to lubricate your reel if you are fishing saltwater or you have been in dirty conditions throughout the day.

    Lastly, we hope at least one of these reels will satisfy your fishing need. Since it can be complicated to choose between all these reels, one significant thing to keep in mind is your individual situation. Each baitcasting reel is suitable for a specific job. So do your research, especially if you need a baitcaster reel for a high and fast action fish or low, slow action fish, also consider the type of water you will be fishing and most importantly your budget.


    In conclusion, I believe you now agree that the budget is not an issue when it comes to finding the best baitcasting reels. With the available options, you can look forward to an exciting adventure in your next fishing experience.

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