How to Jig For Crappie

How to Jig For Crappie

Are you looking for the best way to jig for crappies? How to jig for crappie? Do you also want to increase some skills in jigging for crappie? If so, then you have arrived at the right place. In this piece of work, we are going to talk about the tips, as well as show you how to shoot the jig for crappies.

To start, we all know that Crappies are among the most widely looked after fish. Many people who are looking for tips jigging for crappie and those who need some basic advice to help them out confirm this. The best way to truly learn is to get started. Read this piece of content for some time and then go fishing. We understand you will Commit errors. However, misunderstandings are great as this is the best way to really learn.

What do you need to learn about how to jig for crappie?

You need a perfect jig. This is the main item of our process. You can use Strike King Mr. Crappie Slab Slasher Jig Heads. You will also need the best shooting device. For this case, you can have a good baitcasting reel. The Zebco Baitcast Combo can just do the work properly, though there are other units that you can consider.

But should not stress you. If you have the jig that is enough. You will have the opportunity to catch your crappie.

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How to shoot the jig for Crappie

Shooting jigs under docks can be a viable way to stack your life well with Crappie. Although it is usually a mid-year strategy, it can be successful in the fall and spring. The crappie love structure and the shadow of docks are equivalent to the amount of a crappy magnet that resembles a submerged cedar tree. On a ton of lakes, the owners of certain docks sink trees under them. This results in a super Crappie fishing.

Step by step guide

Before that, we must first learn what this process is. So what is a jig shooting? Put simply, this is an approach to putting your jig under a dock without throwing it in the usual way. You can shoot a jig for crappie as far as you can make it work. It takes a little practice, but it deserves the time needed to make your point. A reversing coil is the least demanding role for shooting devices.

Leave enough line at the beginning to make sure your jig hangs about 2/3 of the length of your bar. Next, hold the jig between the thumb and hand of the hand that does not hold your pole. Turn the demolition roller over, but hold one finger to prevent the cord from falling out.

Point your beam in the direction you need to pick up the jig and pull back the hand holding the jig. Discharge the jig and then the finger, which prevents the line from conveying. If you have good planning, the jig shoots in the direction of the path you pointed to. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it. Make sure the jig with the noose is far away from you. I have never tied myself (when shooting jigs), but I’m sure it can happen.

Shooting devices allow you to get your jig to places you cannot get through regular throwing techniques. A ton of times I’ll lie on my stomach and shoot 5 under the docks to multiply the separation that a standard cast could make. This system has brought a lot of fish into the pontoon.

We fished docks behind fishermen who did not shoot jigs and got more crappies than they did. Despite the fact that they thought they all got. Another tip. I generally like a 6 ‘to 6’6 “racket for crappie fishing, but a 5’ does seem to work best for shooting, so I do not hit the docks with the shorter rods on the tips of my rods.

When ice fishing

Jigging is by far the best ice fishing. At this point, just lower the bar for five to ten seconds and bring it up. Warm up. This strategy will bring you the most fish, but there are many other techniques that you can try.


Jigging for Crappie can be fun and entertaining when you do it in the right moves. With these helpful tips, you’ll ideally come up with more fish the next time you go out. Just remember, if something does not work after about 30 minutes, try something different. If you get a chomp, stick to this procedure and definitely put in a 30-minute timeframe. If you find one, you will find many more.

And you will have learned how to jig for crappies.

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