Best Walleye Jigging Rod

8 Best Walleye Jigging Rod

Walleye, been one of the strongest fish is not the only challenge but getting the proper rod to get them is challenging too. They have one of the softest bites, which means it’s extremely hard to detect their strike. Having the best walleye fishing rod can help solve these challenges.

A fishing technique for all kinds of fishermen is walleye fishing. It calls for one to choose the best jigging rod for this type of expedition. So what do you need to look for when deciding on the best walleye jigging rod? Throughout this article, walk with me for more information on what to look for when buying a jigging rod. A high-quality jigging rod should be your desire all the time.

Walleye, being one of the strongest fish, is not the only challenge, but getting the proper rod to get them is challenging too. They have one of the softest bites, which means it’s tough to detect their strike. Having the best jigging rod for walleye can help solve these challenges.

5 Best Walleye Jigging Rod Comparison

8 Best Walleye Jigging Rod Reviews 2020

Picking the best rod for flawless fishing experience is somewhat troublesome. It's harder to pick the right rod for fishing without experts' advice. Fishermen fundamentally jig the draw with the right rod. This is the reason why you should read these reviews and guide before you decide which fishing rod is right for Walleye fishing.

1. KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

As soon as I decided to buy my fifth KastKing reel, I thought I'd try out one of their rods too. I was soon amazed on how extraordinary it was in terms of its durability. Having acquired around two months ago, the fishing rod was almost used during each other end of the week. I also found that even in tight conditions while fishing, the rod was very light and simple to work with.

This particular rod manufactured by kastking items is very affordable and efficient. This rod was supplied in its complete form with an additional tip, yet they coincidentally gave me a copy MH tip rather than the M tip. I love the way the rod was manufactured as there was around a 1/2 hole between the bolts. This unique rod gave the right feeling of a one-piece rod, which is very impressive. It throws incredibly, feels extraordinary, even looks impressive with the Penn quest.

Keeping anglers need in mind, KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rod comes with numerous rod actions available on a variety of rod sizes. The change of intensity is marvelous at the end of it. After purchase, you will notice that you've paid to the right rod.

2. Fenwicks Elite Tech Walleye Spinning Fishing Rod

Fenwicks Elite Tech Walleye

When you buy this rod, you will see that your reel will shape into the stopper handle and become free as it packs the cork. I have just used it once, yet the affectability is extraordinary. It is by all accounts somewhat less hardened than my Fenwick HMG.

I initially used it with my Pflueger Supreme reel and Pflueger President arrangement on my HMG. I figured out that it is best to switch them around and perceive how they fit and work together in a short time later. By and large, I was very conscious of just utilizing it once because climate and water conditions are a normal thing in fishing.

I love this fishing rod, and it honestly couldn't hang tight to express my fishing involvement. It is just the best rod that can be bought at an affordable price. I overuse this particular rod with substantial traps and enormous fish and have never had an issue. I keep my rod in rack storage, not heaped merely up toward the side of the room. This rod is light and delicate. It has a conventional backbone, yet it is undoubtedly a medium rod for fishing.

3. UglyStik GX2 Casting Rod

UglyStik GX2 Casting Rod

I got this rod as a special gift from my sister. I immediately noticed that the rod is lightweight and very solid. Likewise, it is more slender than the other 20-30 dollar rods manufactured from other brands. The rod is extraordinary and overly receptive to the smallest snack and intense enough to bring any massive catfish.

When she got it, she got the rod intact in a special package with no harm and with the two pieces. The rod was used with reels. This rod features an excellent seat for reels and a somewhat bigger handle than the 6-foot model. However, the rod distance across is just marginally bigger, making it agile yet additionally more grounded.

The tip of this particular rod truly slings any kind of draws. it is an exceptionally delicate rod, you feel light when it hits the target. This is the main rod I use now for snare throwing. It is intense however I can, in any case, feel the lake base while fishing with this rod and I believe my sister made the best bargain. This rod likewise catches the eye of others fishing close by and they are always amazed at its efficiency.

4. KastKing Royale Legend Fishing Rods

KastKing Royale Legend Fishing Rods

It is such a completely wonderful fishing rod!!! I am satisfied with me buying 2 units of this rod. I additionally bought the Speed Demon reel to use with this rod. The nature of the two rods are faultless and the look and feel of these reels are top notches. Many split handle rods for spinning have that sort of unique skeleton style situate which ends up being very awkward on the grounds that you end up holding the pole directly on the skeleton zone.

This particular one is excessively comfortable to use and the front reel locking component is likewise first class. The rod was designed to be light. It handles conforms with any reel which is made of a decent aluminum reel seat nut.

Tried it out today with my friends and family and it got us some real big fishes of averagely 2 pounds. I fish from a wide river, so I kinda needed to horse the fish into my position on the deck and this rod held up incredible. I will purchase more rods from KastKing. I exceptionally prescribe KastKing to any individual who might be incredulous or going back and forth about their item. Recommended.

5. Cadence Spinning Rod

Cadence Spinning Rod

It was such a great opportunity to purchase a few other rods manufactured by companies alongside with Cadence. Set aside these are extraordinary rods. This specific is a superior rod to the other rods. This is currently the second time am buying this rod with no regret of possession and simply like the first rod I purchased five years ago.

I've had the rod for just a little while however as of now I've gotten about six dark crappies and 4 largemouth bass with this rod. Caps off to Cadence for giving fishermen such as myself top quality fishing rod at entirely reasonable and affordable costs.

How about we talk shipping. Nothing additionally baffling at that point when you spend a wad of cash for good fishing equipment and it arrives broken. Be rest assured that Cadence does NOT enable that to occur. This one-piece rod is extremely touchy, even a little fish touch.

Every day, I got in an excess of fifteen walleyes or saugers, and furthermore some great Salmon. This rod is superior to my old Scheels rod and Shimano 2500fl. This rod throws so more pleasant and it is far progressively delicate and it is highly recommended.

6. Okuma's Dead Eye Technique Specific

Okuma's Dead Eye Technique Specific Walleye Rods

This is a unique and affordable rod. It is strong and light with great features. I have purchased and used so many expensive rods which had not been as durable as this particular rod. This one is far better than some branded rods that cost three to five times the money for this great rod.

Have been a fanatic lover of the one-piece rod however this one changed my thought. The association between the two pieces is truly steady and smooth. I utilized it for a few hours and dependably felt it as one piece. Cast light draws (1/8oz dance + cylinder) and overwhelming draws and all functioned admirably.

While I was fishing with my best friend downtown. His pole got broken and wished to fish more while I needed rest. Along these lines, I enabled my friend to make use of my rod for some time while I was taking a rest and he promptly chose to get this rod as well. I'm incredibly content with this buy. The rod is lovely to hold. It's lightweight and can even be used on a few beasts out of the thick grass! The rod is useful for both experts and beginners.

7. Tsunami TSSPJC-661MH Trophy Slow Pitch

Tsunami TSSPJC-661MH Trophy Slow Pitch Jigging Casting Rods

Awesome jigging pole that is ready to deal with 4-6oz and it also performs best when fishing out any kind of the 1-3oz size range. I've used it for a year now. It's such a stunning rod wonderfully make, exceptionally prescribes it if your spending limit permits you. Obviously, the rod performs GREAT! and it is also light enough to feel nibbles no matter how insignificant while fighting through tight lines.

This rod is ideal for a spending limit well disposed of moderate pitch jigging set up. Slowpitch fishing rod which enables reel interlace combo can cost well more than 1000 dollars. I have completely contributed to the post, line, and reel. under 500 dollars. I have gotten some beast red snapper with this rod.

I make use of 150-200 gram moderate pitch. I like the salting SK features while jigging. I'm still new to the majority of this despite everything. I'm finding out about moderate pitch jigging. It is simply a marvelous bar available at an incredible and affordable price, and worth cherish it! Amazingly touchy and lightweight, can feel everything. It is responsive enough that I generally know when a fish is striking. I profoundly suggest this rod.

8. Jigging world Nexus Rods

Jigging world Nexus Rods

This Jigging world Nexus Rod is an exceptionally delicate one with a decent spine. Transportation was quick as guaranteed. The pressing cylinder was extremely strong and the pressing of the rod was well secured. It's incredible to have an organization that is keen on ensuring that this item was conveyed as guaranteed.

My family and I realized that for this current year is an ideal opportunity to have some good times fishing. I've made a purchase of this rod with great joy. I like the quality and feel and I fish saltwater swamps for trout and redfish and I've landed both with this rod with no issues.

A weekend ago, in spite of the chilly climate, my younger brother had the option to oversee himself to take out this bar to recover some huge fishes and take a couple of throws. The pole is truly very much adjusted and feels great. The capacity to cast draws from 1/4 oz up to 1 oz is an extraordinary component, no compelling reason to swap between rods. He can hardly wait for spring so as to get some fun using this rod for fishing. However, so far he is amazed. Highly recommended.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Jigging Rod For Walleye

Jigging is a unique and staple strategy in fishing for walleye and one of the most effortless approaches to make pretty much any fisherman a superior jig fisherman with the use of the right rod. Things you need in a quality jigging rod mostly include:

Length of the rod

For the most part, fishermen who are experts do search for rods which are six to six and a half feet long. This is an outstanding length to give you that the right fishing experience, speedy tip while as yet having enough ability to set the noose and land an unrivaled Walleye. Longer rods can be used when trolling for effective use of the rod, yet this isn't required for moving or turning.

For a good fishing experience, what matters a lot is the length of the rod. Shorter rods do not offer much experience when fishing. The search area is also limited for the shorter rods. A rod that measures approximately six to seven inches long provides the best shipping experience to the user. It can search for fish deep in the water while bringing up the restive fish from the bed. Longer rods are quite effective too when trolling, but it is not a major requirement when turning. The longer the rod, the better the expedition.


When looking for Walleye, in case you're jigging, you'll have to look deeply in the market for a rod with medium-light force. This enables the rod to be light enough to have a quick action while having enough spine to get the fish. You should know that the power required for the pole to curve is essential. For jigging, pick one that will give you as much power since it can give better control.

The Weight of the rod

Weight is something else that you likewise need to consider. The more power you need, the higher the line weight you need. For general jigging, search for a rod within the range of 3 to 10 pounds. This gives you the most ideal power and also gives you the best foundation for fishing when you attempt to get Walleye.

This goes hand in hand with power. Should you be in need of a high power jigging rod, you have no alternative but to get a slightly heavier rod. This also helps in providing control over the activity. On the other hand, Lightweight jigging rods provide low power activity. This is one of the things which you need to consider critically before acquiring a walleye. Power and weight also are the determinants of a foundation of good fishing. The good decision starts from here.

The action of the rod

Given the light nibbles that are typical for walleye, you'll need a delicate tail for a superior vibe. In a perfect world, purchase a rod with quick or quick action while jigging. The rod's action is the place the twist occurs along it's length when it is stacked. There are quick action rods in the market and moderate action rods bars which had been designed for jigging.

Guides of the rod

This is something you ought not to bargain as it enables the pole and line to take the strain of an immense fish. The more guide your rod has, the better it will be; every one of the guides will help circulate both friction and power during fishing.

Picking the best walleye rod depends totally on exactly the kind of fish you envisage for, such as walleye.

The speed and power

A good walleye jigging rod should be able to act fast to counter the fish. Fish is the king in the sea and it may easily outmaneuver the fisher. Consider the rod with light to medium force. This has the capacity to move with fast speed. The jigging rods need to curve when the fish has been hooked so it has to have some power to perform the said operation. A jigging rod that some good amount of power gives you a better chance to take control of everything.

Comfortable handle

A good grip is essential when dealing with fish. The jigging rod should have a comfortable hand so that you can be able to tackle the fish. The handle material should be dense too. This is to avoid breakages or bending.

The material composition

For jigging, it is not the best idea to go for rods made of fiberglass. It is quite difficult for it to transmit a signal from under the water. This makes the fishing expedition a horrible and no enjoyable one. Always consider the one made of graphite as it is the best for this action. Carbon fiber blank fishing rods too are the best choice for jigging. Both the graphite and the carbon blank jigging rods are sensitive in transmitting a signal when a fish swallows a hook. They react quickly too. This makes the two to be the best for this application.

The cost

The cost can be somewhat a challenge to many. Most of the manufacturers, however, do sell some of their brands at prices under $150; hence you do not need to dry down your bank in purchasing a walleye jigging rod. These rods even at this cost have all the above attributes. Quality and cost go together; luckily the rods under $150 are of good quality too.

Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQs)

What range of sizes of the reels will you recommend for this particular 6'7" turning bar?

I will state that you won't have any problem using the 3000 yards or 4000 yards of 10lb Power Pro. But 4000 yards is most preferred.

Can you rate the medium-light rod of the Elite tech from a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of strength?

It is Strong and light, for this reason, it should be rated from 8 - 9.5 because it feels very much adjusted.

Is Ugly fishing rod made for saltwater or freshwater or both?

I don't really fish in freshwater, I will consider my set up as being medium weight and I mostly use it in saltwater but you can use it in freshwater if you are really after enormous fish.

Based on your experience, please how much weight can Kastking legend rod handle?

I've used it for 10 pounds fish before so it depends on which one you and the location where you intend fishing.

Is Cadence Fishing CR5 Spinning Rods supplied with the case or one will have to buy?

No, the rod is not supplied with a case, buy a strong case if you need it.

Can the walleye jigging rod work well in salty water?

Yes, it can. This type of fishing rod can be used in either freshwater or saltwater bodies.

What is the average weight that walleye jigging rod can handle?

Walleye jigging rods came in various brands. It is not a single item in the market. The weight that can be handled by each difference but the average approximate weight is ten pounds for all the brands.

Does the strength of the jigging rod matter?

Strength is essential for any fishing rod, not just a walleye. Fish in water have a lot of power which should be countered by the tools of the fisher.


There are countless jigging rods that can get a Walleye. Although, you can't do it on the off chance that you don't have the correct fishing equipment, similar to best jigging rod. We've been able to present the best eight. Each of these is an excellent addition to your fishing equipment, and we hope you found the reviews and guide useful. Every one of these rods is sure to give you a plentiful and energizing time in the waters. Anyway, there are still such a large number of rods in the market, so ensure you look at the features clearly.

There are very many walleye fishing rods in the market. The differences between each are minimal but distinctive. In choosing the one that suits you, you will need to do a thorough market survey with the assistance of this guide. May you go for the best choice, won’t you?

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