Best Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo

7 Best Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo

There are several baitcasting rods and reel combos with regards to baitcasting fishing. These are accessible in the market at different costs. reading this guide will give you some fundamental and basic data that ought to be considered before obtaining any of the products. This is on the grounds that picking the best baitcaster combo can be quite tricky to you.  In any case, we’ve provided guides towards helping to choose and buy the baitcasting rod and reel combo.

7 Best Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo Comparison

7 Best Baitcasting Rod and Reel Combo Reviews 2020

1. Lew’s American Hero

 Lew's Fishing American Heroes Speed Spool Baitcast Rod and Reel Combo

It took close to 20 minutes to know how to install this rod, mainly because it was my first baitcaster. It is an amazing product with the combination of rod and reel which is very good for a beginner. This product was purchased just two weeks ago and it is amazing to feel contented with the output.

It has been used to get more than 40 fish in a lake downtown. One needs to take good care of the rod and most times it is placed on the deck while fishing from a ship. Love this setup and you will certainly get used to rod and reel baitcaster. There had been no trouble having this rod and reel combo and it has a lot of plastic gears. And after a while, the reel was adjusted with metal gear and it has been working fine up till now.

It had been a decent rod and reel combo ever since it was purchased. It is what any experienced fisherman will rate with 5 stars. No matter how much you purchase it, Lews will certainly be your best based on the quality to cost ratio from most users I met, before purchasing it. In addition, it is very easy to use rod and reel combo. It is highly recommended.

2. Abu Garcia Black Max

Abu Garcia BMAX3 661M Black Max Fishing Rod and Baitcast Fishing Reel Combo

It was really a disappointment when the whole package arrived after I’ve anticipated to use it immediately because I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I guessed the box must’ve fallen from the truck. I had to reject it and called their customer service. They accepted the blame and made a good return the following week.

Once it began its purpose, it was noticed that it was a bit different from other reels used before and trust me it served it’s purpose perfectly. Personally, the best features been cherished about it is the fact that it is a two piece rod and reel combo which aids easy transportation while going fishing.

This is a great rod and reel combo product at that price, it worths spending the whole cash on due to benefits derived from it. I just don’t understand how some people will just rate this less than 5 stars. It has been working perfectly during fishing and it is very durable as well.

It is a great rod that is very useful for baitcasting as it gets you more than enough fishes. it is very easy to use rod and reel combo for both beginners and experts. Don’t be surprised if you found out that it is a 2 piece rod which is good for you.

3. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo

Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo

This is a nice and great fishing pole for you to buy. After your purchase, you will notice that the rod and reel combo is very easy to use and smooth. This must have been because the rod matches completely with the reel  It was noticed that it works really well in saltwater and freshwater as it came as one piece rod.

Personally, it is, however, somehow still while using it, because you wouldn’t know when a fish struggles for freedom. It is a great joy to have it has my first bait caster ever since I’ve been in the business of fishing. It was purchased at the best price but was not supplied with line and the line was later purchased for effective use.

Majorly because once we got hold of fishes which are more than enough, we have it in our habit to share with our neighbor who later got interested in purchasing the same rod and reel combo for fishing. It is a pleasure having such a product in possession. It has helped to retrieve a lot from the river. It had been a lovely experience using this rod and reel combo. Very pleasing to any user. If you’re not getting as a new user, don’t worry and note that a lot of practice leads to perfection.

4. Cadence Baitcasting Combo

Cadence Baitcasting Combo, BC5 Baitcaster Combo

Although I have not been able to use this product before buying it. After purchase, I was able to spool the reel in order to test the adjustments. This was done in front of the house. It was a surprise to see it work effectively, how it should be. While fishing in a lake very close to a major city, it was again amazing, how it was cast out with little energy. This particular product has different sizes but the medium is most preferred. It is a pleasure to have come across this two-piece rod and reel combo.

My friends were able to notice that I’m not used to having two piece rods and they were surprised to see me use this product. They later got to know that it was a great two piece rod and reel combo to use. Most times we do always fish together and make use of this particular product. We really had a very memorable experience last weekend.

After the fishing, they also felt how smooth it was to operate and they became interested to make a purchase despite the fact that they already have 3 different rods and reels. After buying this product, it is certain that you’ll also notice that it is a nice product at this price. it is highly recommended.

5. KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo 

KastKing Crixus Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

This is an exceptional rod and reel combo which was supplied by the manufacturer almost immediately after placing an order. The rod was packaged very well and the reel feels great to touch, the reason being that it was very smooth. My next trip to the market will be to get another one. Haven read more than enough reviews on this product, one will fall in love with it based on other peoples report about it. It was purchased at the best price.

It was a good turnaround during purchase as the expected output was observed to be true after using it for a month now. It was supplied in the box and it was professional packed to avoid damages during transportation. It is believed that this product will yield the rightful result during the weekend, weekdays, anytime and anywhere. It is such good work from its manufacturer.

This was because the reel performed well beyond what I was expecting. Despite the fact that I have used several spinning reels and found it very easy to use this baitcasting reel in a good mood. Although I had to download some videos and watch tips on how to successfully cast. I was fully in charge when I went fishing. I cast easily and most times the reel is held very lightly.

6. Shakespeare AGLPCBO Agility

Shakespeare AGLPCBO Agility

This particular rod and reel combo are good for a new fisherman as it was the baitcasting rod and reel that first came my way when I started fishing. for over two months, it has really got a hold of several kinds of fish, name it all, Salmon Catfish and other. It is very easy to learn more about the product even if you don’t know anything about it before.

The length of the rod is good enough to make a good hold of the catch and the reel to brakes effectively. I’ve as well made commercial sales of fish to neighbors and at the market. The quality of the rod and reel is far better than others that you would not mind spending your money on.

You’ll definitely be very happy you purchase and use it to make your fishing adventure in ponds, lakes, and rivers. It has been able to get a hold of a big fish last week when my family went along with me for fishing and they were amazed about it. Ever since it has been bought casting has always been smooth and when people are informed about the price. Initially, they don’t believe such a good product could be bought at an affordable price. My son also enjoyed making use of the rod and reel.

7. Zebco Baitcast Combo

Zebco Baitcast Combo

Believe everything good about this rod and reel combo. This is because it is now 2 years that I have only had the combo for about 2 months now but have had no issues. Have been using it regularly and it works as it has been described? It is a good quality rod and reel combo. My son is just 13 years old and he would go fishing with his friends in our neighbor’s pond.

When he was asked about the experience with the rod and reel. His replies had always been amazing. However, when it was first presented to him, the rod and reel were supplied without a line. We had to get the line separately. I would prefer to pay more to get the line from the manufacturer. This is because it would have been a perfect match.

After the whole fishing equipment was complete, my sister who loves to fish also occasional use it. My family and I enjoy using this product to fish for fun during the weekends. It is longer than the one that my sister brought and it casts accurately. Two years ago, I was really excited to have received it as it works perfectly. I didn’t regret paying that money for this best combo. as it casts well for heavy and light lures.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Baitcasting Reel and Rod Combo

This guide will present the major factors to consider before purchasing. You should know that a baitcasting setup is mostly beneficial to fishermen when there is a need to use heavier line to make a good cast of heavier lures while fishing. The rod and reel combo designed and manufactured as one product matches completely to give the desired comfort and aid easy retrieval of fish from the river or pond or lake. However, it can also be used to make a cast of smaller lures but the major target is the bigger ones.


You should note that spinning rods are generally shorter than baitcasting rods. The additional length of the baitcasting rods enables you to gain more force from the rod and helps a lot while retrieving the catch. As it is known that garbage in, garbage out. So as you put more energy in then you get more force out to make a very good throwing. The characteristics will be possible once the length is long enough. So while purchasing try as much as possible to look for a rod and reel combo with good length.

A decent length is typically for a rod and reel combo at 6 to 7 feet. While purchasing the 7 feet should be highly considered. On the off chance that you are utilizing a lighter arrangement, at that point, you can go somewhat littler. The greater, the length of the rods the better it is to hold a lot of heavier handle.


Characteristics of this type of rod and reel combo relating to power should be given attention and depend on how much weight of fish is targeted. This will directly affect how enormous a fish you can get and even sell in the market if you wish so. It additionally influences the decision of the strength of line to a certain degree.

The heavier the type of fish you are targeting, the higher the amount of power that you need. Fish tend fighting back when hooked up by bait. A low powered rod will tend to break off easily should a heavyweight fish fight it.

The action of the rod

You should know as well that the activity of a fishing rod goes a long way to portray how delicate and how the power is appropriated down through the fishing rod which is mostly clear from the tip to the butt.​

Quick activity

The larger part of the curve in the bar occurs in the main 33% nearest to the tip. A quick activity pole will take into consideration a lot more prominent affectability and faster snare sets to the detriment of the distance of the cast.

Average activity

The average activity rod will begin to twist in the third part of the rod. They’re a lot of average activity rod in this combo products available in the market. You should try and make the right and decent decision while selecting this type. This average activity rod is generally used for longer casts while fishing and some crank baits.

Moderate activity

Fishing rods of slow activity are useful for giving more than enough distance to allow for effective space you can get for all the power to come out of the rod very clearly. They will, in general, begin bowing a step down in relation to the next two which are useful naturally when fishing.

Handle ​of the rod

Fishing rod handles can be supplied as either, rubber or foam or as a cork. Every expert in the fishing world know these and have their own inclination. A handle made from cork will be milder yet may hold a touch of warmth in the winter.

A rod of split hold is most appropriate to give a very long cast which can be as long as you can. It is highly recommended that the full rod of length creates the swing.​


The materials that rods are made off are majorly from either fiberglass or graphite and once in a while, some are manufactured from the mixture of these two materials. One should note that graphite rods are significantly lighter and delicate fiberglass rod. This is because the fiberglass rod is tough and it is more durable. You should, therefore, consider the Length, power, action of the rod and reel combo, as well as the rod’s handle.

Ease of use

Confirm the complexity when it comes to using. Probably, you would also be interested to understand how easy or how difficult it is for one to assemble it. In many instances, one should able to assemble it within the shortest time possible after mastering the art of doing it. A little exposure brings about experience.

The price

There are various types of baiting rods. Prices differ from rod to rod, especially where the manufacturers are different. Sellers, distributors and even manufacturers charge different prices due to regional variation and the costs of production. As a consumer, you should consider going for one that trades at an average price. That is the price which is neither too cheap nor expensive either. Cheaper rods may not last for long because they are of substandard quality. Undertake some price comparison before committing your money.

The length of the rod

Generally speaking, long rods sweeps through a large area at one go. The problem is that it is less effective at that state. Short rods, on the other hand, covers a small area, but very effective in handling fish retaliation

Construction material

Rods are made of different materials. Others are long-lasting while others depreciate with time. One made of fiberglass, for example, cannot be destroyed. The one manufactured by graphite loses value over time.

Frequently asked questions - (FAQ)

Does it mean that the left-handed reel is tagged as lef?

Sure, you got it right and note that it is a great rod and reel combo and yes it is left-handed

Can it be used in saltwater?

No, it cannot be used in salt water, it is designed for freshwater only.

Please, will Abu Garcia Black rod and reel combo work for right-handed fishermen like me?

The manufacturers made it for right-handed people and left-handed people, all you need to do is check the model number to confirm.

How much weight can the test line hold?

like 20 pounds.

Can the baiting rod be used in salty water?

It is not advisable. It has just been created to be used in freshwater.

What is the recommended weight that a test line can hold?

Approximately twenty pounds is the recommended weight. More than that may lead to damages.


All in all, perhaps you are searching for the best baitcaster combo to begin to have a very wonderful experience in fishing? At that point, all the above reviews and buyer’s guide should be considered while making the right decision. Simply recall that everything comes down to picking the item that goes better with your needs, spending plan, and generally wants. Whatever you pick, however, you’ll get remarkable outcomes as these decisions are the best you’ll discover. Please choose wisely.

As you plan to acquire a baiting rod, do not forget to do some market survey. Many are the brads in the market, but characteristics differ. Therefore, you should do some comparison to arrive at the best decision to invest in.

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