how to catch bait fish

How to Catch Bait Fish

How to catch bait fish? Do you need a small life bait fish to entice and catch bigger fish? Do you find it hard catching bait fish? If yes, then this article is for you. Live bait certainly performs a key role in every angler’s success. If you’re not already skilled in getting your own live baitfish, it’s time you amend. You’ll save money, certainly catch more, and achieve a level of gratification that only comes with enticing quality fish on bait that you invested your own time and energy to catch. Live baits and recent whole baits are terribly effective once it involves catching larger fish.

Below are a few things on how to catch bait fish

Determine the location of the bait fish

The first step in catching a bait fish is to determine the location of the kind of fish you want, depending on the precise species of baitfish you are targeting, these locations provide ideal security and solitude. The best time to catch bait fish is during the sunset, the same bait will typically move back in shallower and let their guard down. You can choose a shore fishing site, it gives more advantage for this task.

Use berley to set a trap

Piper as bait fish is possibly one of the more difficult fish to catch but they can be deadly bait for snapper and kingfish. A suitable and effective way to catch a bait fish is the use of berley, especially if it is mostly floating on the surface. That smart recent kiwi breakfast, Weetbix, will a good job – simply crumble it up and send it out with a couple of meal or breadcrumbs more in.

A baitfish like piper are usually snooping around in the top quarter of the water column. A float on top of a meter long trace (depending on water depth), with 3 hooks equally spaced below and a little split shot clamped on can facilitate to induce the hooks down to the required depth. When fishing this manner you may typically realize the bulk of the fish are caught on just one or 2 of the hooks.

Use Sabiki rig

You can also make use of a small sabiki rig, small baits are also needed alongside a sabiki rig and pretty much anything will do. I like a firm bait and that I use a craft knife to chop an awfully little sliver off. An alternative is to use a dough made from flour and water. The bait won’t last long however you merely would like the tiniest piece and piper go crazy. You can make it more durable by mixing up some cotton wool in the dough.

Using a Sabiki rig

They are also fairly easy to use

  1. Take the rig out of its packaging and carefully unwind it.
  2. Start by attaching a small weight, about 14 grams or so, to the clip at the bottom of the rig in order to keep it hanging straight,
  3. Tie the end on the line to the small swivel at the top ( you can attach a very small strip of cut squid to each of the bottom two hooks as bait).
  4. Drop the rig into the water and slowly lower it at least a meter in depth before lightly rigging your rod up and down to impart more lifelike action.
  5. Try releasing the rig at different depths in the water in order to find fish. You may catch a few at a time, but even if you just hook one, remove it quickly and place it immediately into a bait tank or a bucket filled with sea water.

Another way to catch bait fish

Another unique way of catching bait fish, especially pipers, is to wade a sheltered bay at night with a lantern or torch. They will return right up on the brink of you and that they area unit terribly simple to scoop out with a bit hand internet.

Tips for catching baitfish

  • Keep a good berley trail going
  • Sabiki rigs are most suitable for most small fish
  • Bait fish like to congregate around structure
  • Use a very small sharp hook and light line
  • If you want the bait live, don’t handle the fish
  • Keep the live bait tank aerated


Live baits and fresh whole baits are very effective when it comes to catching bigger fish. Sabiki rigs and making use of berley are the most recognized method of catching bait fishes. And the best time to catch bait fish is during the sunset.

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