best spinning reel for walleye

Best Spinning Reel For Walleye

Walleyes can most likely be found with your reel around the depth of 9 feet. They will be found in multitude at 20 feet. You'll see them near shore particularly at rough zones where current is huge. They are likewise found close dams that obstruct going towards the downstream. So as to get them easily, we have presented the best walleye reel. These are the top of the line reels for walleye fishing found in the market. This choice depends on the reviews of past reel users. You have to read this and be guided before your next buy.

5 Best Spinning Reel For Walleye Reviews

1. Penn Battle II 

This reel was purchased two months ago. Being a walleye fisherman, this reel has performed extraordinarily. This reel performed marvelously well on the lake and oceans landing enormous fishes of walleye, perch, rockfish, catfishes, and salmon. The number of fish landed in the last two months is quite more than those caught while using other reels.

It has a smooth and powerful drag system which is pretty good during the fight with big catfish, walleye and sharks. You will find the handle, very comfortable to use during fishing. A lot of distance are covered daily with this reel. It has been fun using this particular reel. This reel is light, durable and efficient. It has saved a lot of money used in replacing reel. More walleye fishes were caught with less stress.

It has performed wonderfully both on freshwater and saltwater fishing. This reel is strongly recommended for a new user because it is great for its price to performance. It is the best reel you can find for its price range. The handle is very comfortable to use during fishing and a lot of distance are covered daily with this reel. It has been fun using this reel.

2. Penn Fierce II 

It will not be nice if this product is not recommended. Being a walleye fisherman, surfing for big fishes to land in the market. The previously used reel is of a total number of four. The drag system of all these reel damages shortly after a while. But, Since the purchase of this product, it has been my long awaiting solution. The reel has provided sufficient drag system that has landed me a great number of walleye fish.

This reel has helped to catch more walleye than what any other reel has caught. The reel has provided a smooth and powerful grip in landing these fishes. The handle of the reel is comfortable to use. It worked perfectly in both freshwater and saltwater. The reel is worth its price. It has worked more than expectation.

It is strong and very capable for its price. This reel has really made fishing fun and increases the total number of walleye fish landed this year. When you are to purchase your reel, Penn Fierce II Spinning Fishing Reel is strongly recommended. You will experience efficient fishing with this reel. It is cheaper for any other reel and provides good drag system for fishing.

3. KastKing Sharky III

Just got a new KastKing III Fishing reel 4000 a few weeks ago. This reel is working beyond expectation, the reel met all required application. The reel was brought to for the intention to land big fishes like walleye, catfish, and salmon. The reel is strong while battling these fishes. It is easier to battle these fishes with this reel compared to other previously used.

You will love it quiet and smooth retrieve of this reel. The handle is comfortable to use while fishing and more distance have been able to cover while using this reel. This reel has performed great in both freshwater and saltwater used on. The reel has been performing well and all its components are still intact. It makes fishing fun.

The drag system is wonderful with its strong and powerful grip of the walleye fish. Likewise, the handle is convenient to work with while fishing. KastKing kudos to you. their product is great. The reel is extraordinary, comfortable and efficient. Are you planning to get your reel? Give KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel a trial. You will not regret purchasing it. The reel is cheap, and it is the best turning reel at this cost.

4. Shimano Stradic Hg

This spinning fishing reel is highly specialized. When the reel drags it is almost effortless and light. It can catch a Walleye while still having the power to catch salmons. With a good rod added to it, it drags well and lands lots of fishes both big and small. Recommended is this reel with its power can be used to land different fishes like flounder and triggerfish.

Even a cobia was also dragged in using this specialized reel. The reel spins and casts smoothly with a drag strong enough to handle almost all the fishes. It can catch bluefish, walleye, and Striped Bass. When in salt water it has no rust and retains its smoothness. To have a good drag test, just try hooking a cownose ray fish. Then, you will know just how dependable and strong the reel is.

The reel seals and its core protection works perfectly when it falls into water. You would discover while cleaning it that no water would be in it. The reel cranks are smooth. Its portability yet sturdiness is an attractive characteristic of this spinning fishing reel. It avails one the opportunity of capturing big fishes yet its smallness is very unique.

5. Spinning Reel,CS10 Strong Premium

This spinning reel is quite affordable. A reel which possesses not less than ten bearings and spins perfectly is rare at that price. The reel drag system is smoothly drawn with no unprecedented stoppage. The original fiber made of carbon which the handle has is one of its unique qualities. And the way the handle allows you to screw it as you reel makes it really good.

It is always tightened up without losing. The spinning reel is top notch in every way. The switch which is in anti-reverse mode, the drag mechanism with its settings, cranking action. Its backflip which is smooth and quietly amazing. Its aesthetic quality is uniquely grounded. You should be able to fish for Walleye with this lightweight reel. The quality of the reel is good which can be said to be a function of the magnesium in its frame.

The drag system has a maximum of thirty-six pounds and this makes the power at balance with its lightweight. It is pleasantly light to hold. With this reel spinning abilities, you can actually land long fishes like big basses, walleye, trout, redfish, flounder, speckled fish which is awesome. It is highly recommended.

Buyer's Guide For The Best Spinning Reel For Walleye

Walleye are not a fish that fight while reeling, but having the best possible spinning reel for Walleye is still essential. They have a very soft bite that one could hardly notice that there is a strike. This means that it is amazingly difficult to distinguish their strike. With the right walleye fishing reel, you can easily notice the strike. So you should look out for the following tips while buying a spinning reel for Walleye.

A reel that fits with any Rod

When you are fishing for Walleye, you really need a spinning reel that fits impeccably with any fishing rod. Most fishing rods are made with a ton of material, very good flexibility, and adequate strength. Ordinarily, spinning reels that are intended to spin while fishing will not work perfectly with baitcasting rods and also viz-a-viz poles.

The power of the Spinning Reel

When fishing for Walleye, you need to calculate the size of an average Walleye. Estimate the power of spinning reel required to easily retrieve the fish from the waters. You should not put an extremely little line on your reel for Walleye fishing. You should ensure that the locations of the Walleye are well sighted. The line directed towards it at the right angle for effective function of the reel.

The availability of the reel in the market

In view of the level of comfort experienced while holding the reel. The simple access to the handle of the reel, the highly demanded reel is the most well-known sort in the market. The advantage that can be gotten from making use of these reels is significantly founded on energy.

The energy enables the accomplishment of getting a major fish or getting various catch from a similar stream. There are two sorts of powers used in the spinning reel to control the cast. This mostly includes centrifugal forces and magnetic forces. These forces experience with fishing also have a great way to influence the demands of regular fishermen. Thereby influencing the availability of some reels over others.

The capacity of the reel to hold the line

Fishing with these reels for Walleye needs the consideration of the capacity it has for the line to be used. This is essential because this type of fish can be located at 20 ft deep in the waters. So there should be enough line to make the substantial catch of Walleye. The reel should have enough line capacity to reach the right target. The more the capacity of the line the reel has then the further it can get you enough Walleye while fishing. So be cautious and get the reel that has a greater capacity to hold more than enough line.

The Bearings of the reel 

The speed output from the reel depends on the bearings of the reel. So the better the bearing of the reel the higher the speed you will get in throwing the line and retrieving Walleye from the water. So you need to look carefully and know the bearing specification of the spinning reel you're buying for Walleye.

The drag of the spinning reel

During the process of selecting a spinning reel for getting Walleye, purchase the spinning that has a good drag system. Fishermen who are experts prefer multi-disc drag system to others. It ought to have the option to permit simplicity ceasing of the line when you choose to do as such. You can pick the best spinning reel among all the enlisted spinning reels for Walleye, having read the buyer's guide.


Irrespective of the style or method you use while fishing, you're going to need the right reel to get Walleye. On the off chance that you spend less, you might get less. Perhaps you fish constantly, it is highly recommended to put resources into a superior quality reel. The best walleye reel doesn't mean you need to spend more than enough cash.

By then, the above buyer's guide and reviews ought to be considered while deciding which reel to buy to get Walleye. Essentially, you should know that everything depends on getting the right spinning reel at the right price.

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