Best Waterproof Jacket For Fishing

7 Best Waterproof Jacket For Fishing

As thrilling as a fishing expedition may be, it can turn sour when you get soaked and have no means to dry yourself completely. It might seem like it’s all part of the fun, but that is until cold sets in. Hence, having a decent waterproof jacket to keep the water out is the saving grace you need to further enliven your fishing trip.

With this review, you will be exposed to the best brands in the waterproof jacket industry, their specifications and prices. They are the best in the market, and as such, every jacket listed is top notch. All that’s left is your choice.

3 Best Waterproof Jacket Comparison

7 Best Waterproof Jacket For Fishing Reviews 2020

1. SoTeer Women’s Waterproof Raincoat 

If you are in need of a cool rain jacket, this is the one for you. With its pocket friendly price and variety of colors, you can place your order and enjoy quality beyond what you paid for. This jacket is perfect for different weather conditions, and fits perfectly to different body sizes. All you have to do is to pick your choice and size out of the array of sizes, colors and styles present.

What’s more is that even if you get one a bit larger than you, it would still fit nicely on you due to it being adjustable. So whether you like something tightfitting or loose, this is the ideal choice for you. The cord around the hood is an added bonus that can help your head feel warm and safe from cold and the rain. Your hands are not left out; the jacket comes with two front pockets which you can snuggle your hands into.

You may however want to be careful about wearing it out in heavy rain. Although it would keep you warm and dry, you may start to feel the cold little by little as the rain intensifies. Whatever you do, don’t stay out in the heavy rain for too long.

2. Navis Marine Costal Sailing Jacket 

This is the ideal waterproof jacket for men. Getting yourself one of these guarantees staying dry and warm in whatever kind of downpour. And no matter the splash in your fishing expedition, you can be sure to relax knowing that you will not get wet. With its additional bib pants for men, you can easily get suited up from top to bottom.

This means that you won’t have to worry about your legs either. Buying this and a pair of rubber boots would come in handy for moments you have to walk out in the rain; not to mention coursing harsh waves on a thorough fishing adventure. Talking about sizes, it provides a number of sizes to fit different persons, but if you’re in search of something with more room, by all means get a size larger than yours by a step.

Although the price doesn’t look too friendly, it’s however worth it; especially for men (the ladies can make do with something more stylized for them.) This particular jacket and pants really match the name Foul Weather Gear. So it’s highly recommended for men and just about anyone who would be coursing strong waves. Kudos to the makers of this great gear

3. WULFUL Men’s Lightweight Windbreaker Jacket 

This waterproof jacket is particularly designed for men with specifications fitting for less harsh weather conditions. It is ideal for hiking, running, fishing, skating and quite a number of other outdoor activities. With it being lightweight, it assures comfort as well as being easy to stash into a backpack on your way out.

What’s more? It is highly cost efficient. Quality jackets are usually not sold cheap, but with this jacket, you can get yourself different sizes at different prices for different moments. You don’t have to break a bank for this, and I guess that’s what makes it one of the best in the market. Although this is not exactly for women, it can still serve nicely for a lady. It’s not too roomy, but that can easily be sorted out by buying a size larger than your regular size.

But like most lightweight waterproof jackets, the WULFUL Men’s Lightweight Windbreaker Jacket is not good for harsh weather conditions. So if you’re planning on using this when the rain pours down heavily, you would be setting yourself up for a cold surprise. It’s most advisable that this is bought alongside another waterproof jacket that is designed for harsh weather conditions.

4. Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg Waterproof Rain Jacket

The high density fabric used in making this jacket, makes it perfect for tough weather conditions. With it being cheap, it stands out among other jackets categorized in the tough weather resistance class. You pretty much get what you pay for. Its stiff material would certainly keep you dry and warm in the rain. Your head and your hands are not left out as it comes with an adjustable hood and front pockets for you to keep your head and hands warm.

Here’s a catch; it is roomy and that’s a good thing. But your size might just be roomier than you expected, so it would be good if you get something a size lesser than your actual size. But if you don’t mind it being roomy, you can stick to your size.

Although quite a number of customers have made complaints concerning it being roomy and stiff, there’s virtually no other problem with this jacket. Once more, unlike others where you have to choose a size above your normal size for more room, this Frogg Toogs Bull Frogg Waterproof Rain Jacket would give more room than you need, and that might be a good thing. Kudos to Frogg Toggs for being a brand of quality once more.

5. Free Soldier Men’s Outdoor Waterproof 

Stylish and functional is what this jacket offers. It so easily transforms you into a badass whilst shielding you from the rain. Its nice zipper designs are something to be thrilled about. For the price, it would be fitting to say “shut up and take my money”. It’s an epic jacket that comes with an extendable hood to further shield your face from intrusive rain, the pockets are stylish and warm for your hands, and overall, it is very fitting. You can easily sort out the issue of more room by buying a larger size.

You should be mindful of wearing out in extremely cold weather. Something around 30 degrees less would leave you cold whilst wearing the jacket. It is a nice jacket for weather conditions that are not harsh. It may take a while before your package is delivered, hence it would be advisable to make the right choice lest you find yourself complaining and having to return the package.

For what its worth, this jacket is great for hiking and a number of light outdoor activities, and is indeed great for its price. Kudos to Free Soldier for coming up with this great jacket. This is definitely a jacket to be recommended for all men.

6. UUANG Women’s Lightweight Waterproof Packable Rain Jacket

The UUANG Women’s Lightweight Waterproof Jacket is one of the best ladies jacket in the market. Its simple design and contrasting colors make it stylish as well as beautiful. It feels nice and soft unlike some brands of jackets that are too stiff. Getting yourself one of these at such a pocket friendly price would save you from sudden downpours. But that doesn’t stop you from getting soaked if you stay in the rain for too long. It is designed for light and moderate rain, so all heavy downpours are out of the question.

Another catch besides it being cozy and light is the fact that it is easy to pack. Considering the fact that it is light and soft, you can easily fold it up and stash it into your bag; this makes it more ideal for sudden downpours.

It’s a lovely jacket, but doesn’t hold up well with its zipper. Its zipper is not that durable and can easily get spoilt. But rather than worry much about the zipper, you can buy another one, or flaunt the jacket without zipping up. Might not be a great idea for rain, but it would be a great idea for style.

7. COMPASS 360 Pilot Point Waterproof Breathable Rain Jacket

This is much more than a jacket. It is a coat; waterproof at that. It may not exactly look stylish like the others on this list, it is however just as efficient. Wearing this coat would feel like snuggling into a bear hug – warm. It’s the ideal coat for all kinds of cold conditions; rain and winter.

It packs a great deal of room and layers which makes it totally wrong for warm weather. You however can never go wrong wearing this when there is a downpour. It looks big, feels warm, comes with a zipping feature for the hood, an elastic belt inside that allows you to pull it tightly within to prevent drafts of cold air.

For such a big coat, one would expect it to cost a lot, but that doesn’t look like the case. Outdoor Ventures has created something functional with a style of its own (no harm disagreeing) and at a great price. So long as you have this, you won’t need any other jacket for harsh weather condition. This has got you covered.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more style and fitting, you can consider checking other jackets on the list, but this is a must have.

Things To Consider Before Buying best rain jacket for fishing

In order to get yourself a qualitative waterproof jacket, you will need to pay attention to certain details. Whether you plan on hitting the water for fishing or you plan on hiking or just ensuring you’re well prepared for any cold or rainy weather, you need a waterproof jacket; and a good one at that.

The first thing to look out for in getting a waterproof jacket is how much it is water resistant. You’re getting a jacket so you don’t get drenched, so a jacket claiming to be waterproof but still gives room for you being drenched is out of the equation.

To know if a jacket is indeed waterproof, you have to know what it is made out of, and how many layers it has; the layers aids its water resistance.

Next up, you need it to be a comfortable fit. You determine what is comfortable for you, but ensure you don’t choose something awfully tight under the pretext of getting a fitted jacket. Most of the jackets in this list are adjustable i.e they can be adjusted to fit nicely.


You definitely don’t want to take off your jacket and begin to smell of sweat. Whatever jacket you’re getting, check if it allows air to escape properly. True you’re trying to prevent air from getting in. You however, need to allow air get out so you don’t get soaked in unhygienic sweat. Your jacket being able to let out air with ease would help your regulate the temperature within the jacket, thus keeping you warm and ‘ventilated’.

Finally, what are you going to use the jacket for? If you intend to go out to sea, battling with intense waves, then by all means get something that is designed for harsh conditions. But if you just feel like taking a hike or shielding yourself from sudden downpours, a lightweight jacket would be ideal for you.

Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQ)

I’m 5’3 and weigh 146 pounds. Although I’m comfortable wearing medium, I would like something with more layering. Would the large be ideal for me?

A; Yes, the SoTeer Women’s Waterproof Jacket would fit you nicely. But to get more layer, it would be best to pick something larger. The sleeves would be longer as well, so you have nothing to worry about.

How insulated is the Navis Marine Costal Sailing Waterproof Jacket?

A; It’s a heavy duty waterproof jacket which is suitable for heavy downpour. It gives you plenty room and does not yield to heavy downpour.


Be it a fishing trip or walking in the rain, you need something that will keep you warm and dry. This list has provided you with the best waterproof jackets for fishing and rainy days, and they are all very much affordable.

Each product comes with its own specifications. You may have to pick two out of the 5 best waterproof jacket for fishing, but for what it’s worth, you won’t lose money and quality. So, go through the list thoroughly and make an informed choice you will be proud of. Don’t forget to leave a review on the product after purchase. Have fun choosing.

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