how to choose a fishing rod for beginners

How to Choose a Fishing Rod For Beginners

In spite of the fact that fishing is a fascinating recreational activity, choosing a fishing rod can appear a bit of overwhelming for beginners. How energizing it gets relies upon the instruments you have. As a beginner, you need to get a fishing rod that is easy to use in order to master the simple art of fishing very well. It is, however, challenging to locate an incredible fishing rod in a market that has numerous brands. You need to understand some characteristics of a good fishing rod and you’ll then be able to choose the right rod for your fishing activity. We will explain these characteristics and some factors to consider which will enable you to distinguish the best rod for beginners like you.

How to Choose a Fishing Rod For Beginners

The Length of the Fishing Rod

The decision you’ll need to make when purchasing a fishing rod is knowing the length you’ll need. This is on the grounds that it is an essential component to the fishing rod selection criteria. First of all, note that you can cast a long rod further and simpler than you can cast a short rod. Long rods are best for fishing at open shorelines, lakes when loads of casting will be done.

It is the most suitable for fly fishing. In case you plan on fishing in the forested areas or fishing banks where trees intently swarm the waterline, a short bar will be simpler to deal with. It is applicable when you decide to attach it to your moving boat during fishing. You can simply choose the length of the fishing rod that is best for you based on the environment of your fishing activity. Note that:

  • Short rods are used for shorter distances.
  • Long rods are used for longer distances.

Rod Material

Graphite and Fiberglass are the two primary materials used for manufacturing fishing rods. Experienced fishermen make use of the graphite material, as they can professionally feel a fish when it strikes. In contrast, beginners will find Fiberglass rods a top pick, because these poles are cheap, tough, and appropriate for ordinary use. Nonetheless, some of the best fishing rods available are manufactured through a blend of both graphite and fiberglass.

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The Action of the Rod

This further characterizes the capacity of the rod to twist and decides how far it can go. You should note that the action of a pole is essentially the point on the pole where it twists. A small action fishing rod is ideal for getting little fish since it will be from the lower third. Medium action fishing rods permit the twisting of the top half and are best used for training. The quick action fishing rods are used to get very big types of fish since the whole top third of the pole twists. You should note the following

  • A very quick spinning rod twists exactly at the tip.
  • A quick action rod twists in the upper 1/3 to 1/4 of the rod.
  • A moderate-quick activity rod twists around the sweetheart 1/3.
  • A medium/moderate activity rod twists around the last half.
  • A moderate action rod twists right into the handle.

The Rod Power

This refers to the magnitude of applied weight which is expected to twist the fishing rod during fishing. The light fishing rod needs less bowing force while the heavy ones require more force to twist. While producers use different designs for a rod’s capacity, there is no fixed standard. Rods are most appropriate to the kind of fishing they are expected to be used for. A fishing rod classification based on power could be

  • ultra-light
  • light
  • medium-light
  • medium
  • medium-substantial
  • overwhelming
  • extra heavy

Types of Fishing Rods

When hoping to choose the best fishing rods you can as well consider the suitable type of fishing rod. The common types in the market include:

  • Carbon fiber rods
  • Fly rods
  • Tenkara rods
  • Spin casting rods
  • Baitcasting rods
  • Spinning rods
  • Ultra-light rods
  • Ice rods
  • Sea rods
  • Surf rods
  • Trolling rods
  • Telescope rods


What are the differences between a casting rod and a spinning rod?

Casting rods are increasingly costly while spinning rods are commonly used by beginners in fishing. On a casting rod, the reel faces upwards while it faces downwards on a spinning rod.


Long rods dimension varies from 8 feet long to perhaps 10 feet depending on the product. While short rods dimension ranges from 7 feet to 8 feet.


While it is enticing to search for the best fishing rod, ensure you are visiting a large store where they will have a wide choice of fishing rods. That being the situation, beginners like you are urged to begin with long spinning rods. Spinning rods hold the reel at the base which makes the use of the reel very easy. We’ve been able to disclose how to choose the right fishing rod. We hope this is useful.

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