how to store fishing rods

How to Store Fishing Rods

Fishing in most places of the world is not throughout the year process. In the places with low temperatures, lakes usually get frozen during winter seasons. Since nothing meaningful can happen in the seas at this time, people have to put away their fishing rod. At this time, you will need to keep them in a safe, hygienic and secure place. This happens as you await the next fishing season to come by. How then do you keep the fishing rods in readiness for the next season? Do we have a special place for storage? Read through this article to find out more.

How do we store the fishing rods?

The first and most important thing is hygiene. Before storing the rod, clean them first. They used to handle food substance and if they are not cleaned well, they are most likely to contaminate the fish when doing the fishing. A dirty rod will attract insects and other rodents that are likely to contaminate it. When clean, it becomes less attractive to them.

What type of water do you fish in?

Generally, there are two types of waters:

  • Freshwater
  • Salty water
Preparation for storage depends on the type of waters you fish in.

Step By Step Guideline

Prepare the reel

First, detach the fishing line from the reel. If it is damaged, you will need to get rid of it. Separate the reel from the rod and wash it clean using warm soapy water. Use a soft brush to scrub it gently until all the germs have been gotten rid of. In the second phase, rinse both the reel and the line using warm water after which you leave it to dry completely. When dry, apply some oil to the connecting parts to lubricate it. Connect back the line to the reel.

Prepare the rod

The rod needs to be cleaned too. Immerse it in warm soapy water as you scratch and clean gently. Use a soft thistle brush together with the toothbrush to do a thorough cleaning on the rod. Rinse the rod thoroughly with lukewarm water. After that allow it to dry thoroughly in the sun. Take some paraffin and rub it in the rod joints. This will help it lubricate the joints very well. Lubrication is good for the protection against wear and tear. When all the components are completely dry, reassemble all the components back. Put the reel and the rod together. Do not drag on the fishing line being too tight as it may cause the rod to warp. This can make it break in the future easily.

Put it back in a rod rack

To store the rod, you will need to put it back in the rod rack. This has been specifically designed to store the rod when not in use. It keeps the rods in an upright position. Be careful not to let the rod stay in an angular position or leaning against the wall. The consequence of this is that the rods will warp/bend after some time. Rods are delicate and nature and so they must be kept in an upright position. The rod rack should be kept under climate control conditions. Should the climate be extreme, climate control should be able to restore the environmental factors to normal conditions. Things that can cause harm are dust, humidity, etc.

Everything done well and kept constant, your fishing rods will stay safe and in good condition until the next fishing season arrives.


Fishing rods, just the same way as the fish are very delicate tools. They need proper and adequate care for a longer existence. They can break or wear out easily if not properly taken care of and managed. Always use the right procedures when storing your fishing rod, won’t you?

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